Horses, horse-riding & pony-trekking:- fun on horseback for all levels, whether
you're on holiday or resident on Scotland's beautiful Isle of Skye.

Try out our superb all-weather outdoor facilities: click to enlarge ... There is no time like the present to learn a new skill:
  • perhaps you used to ride but are now a little rusty
  • maybe you even consider yourself too old and it would be far too embarrassing to be shown up by all those galloping youngsters
  • well - it would be nice to get fitter but what a chore that would be
  • possibly you are six and will just DIE if you are not allowed to learn to ride
  • maybe you have a disability and believe that there is no feasible way you could ever ride a horse

Whether you are disabled, as young as 3 years or as old as 80, novice, rusty or experienced - learning or regaining the skills of horsemanship can be one of the greatest thrills.

Our tailor-made programs for Skye residents or longer-term holidaymakers are designed to cater for all ages and abilities. Why not choose from:
  • 'Tiny Tots Lessons' - aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 6. These are either half-hour or an hour long sessions
  • 'Pony Mad Club' - on Saturdays, for children from 6 to 16 years old - But don't worry - you'll be divided into your own age group! Two hours of four-legged fun and games ... ...
  • 'Own a Pony' - for the day! Get dropped off first thing by your parents and spend the day with horses. Help us look after the stables, your pony and do some riding! But - don't forget to remind your parents to pick you up last thing in the afternoon.

Master all aspects of riding: click to enlarge ...

'Own a Pony' for a day: click to enlarge ...
  • Adult Lessons - we promise you won't be riding with the kids! Group or private lessons available covering beginners and intermediates.
  • Jumping and Dressage Clinics - run by Claire Molyneaux (BHSII). Learn and improve your jumping and dressage skills.
  • 'Riding for the Disabled' - Skye Riding Centre is the only official Riding for the Disabled centre on Skye. Whatever your disability, we can help you experience the joys of riding. 
  • Treks and Rides - Choose from a half-hour hack right up to a 3 hour monster trek: ride through panoramic scenery and see breathtaking views.  Whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced horseperson, why not experience the best of Skye outdoors from horseback?

And, to top it all, we run regular events and activities - why not e-mail NOW to see what we currently have planned?

Contact us NOW and see how much FUN you can have on horseback!


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