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Rosie - "My favourite clients are the children ... ...": click to enlarge ...

Rosie:- "Och, if you ask me all the girls here are just so clever. I love helping them and never give them any trouble. My favourite clients are the children, you should see their smiling cheery faces after I have taken them on a trek or over a few jumps. They simply glow with happiness."

"Of course, I am very careful with my wee ones and always concentrate really hard not to put a hoof wrong when we are out on the hill." 

"I know my friend Jocky wants to be a big star in Hollywood but I would just hate the idea of living anywhere but on my beautiful Isle of Skye."

Aero:- "Well, don't you know that I am the only one here with any decent amount of blue blood running in their veins? Because of that I save myself for the more serious rider. I really can't be seen to associate with the riff-raff novices."

"Only the other day I overheard Trudi (she's the human in charge) and Tracy (the yard manager) say what a lovely smooth ride I was. They can be so astute sometimes!"

"Mind you, I do believe they are mad to allow those upstart cheeky young Shetland Ponies to inhabit the same stable as Moi. Left to me they would have been given their trotting orders long ago ..."

Aero - "I am the only one here with blue blood in their veins ...": click to enlarge ...

Mouse - "Oh yeah, I really like running this place!": click to enlarge ...

Mouse:-"Oh yeah, I really like running this place. The humans think that they are in charge, but between you and me, I'm cleverer than the lot of them! One smile from me and they are eating out of my hooves ..."

"Talking of food ... my only complaint is that those humans just don't appreciate how much food a growing and hard-working lad needs. But, don't worry - I've got that sussed ... when no-one is looking I sneak into the feed shed and help myself!" 

"See what I mean about being clever ..."


Sasha:- "Life is not about working in the School. It's boring and totally pointless."

"Life is all about those wild open moors with scenery that's so stunning it takes your breath away."

"Give me some hunk of a man and a good canter in the sun and I am a very happy mare." 


Sasha - "Life is all about wild open moors and breathtaking scenery ...": click to enlarge...

Honey Blossom's Photo
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Honey Blossom:- "All you have to do is look at the number of rosettes that I have won to see that I am a fantastic jumper. You see, I take my job very seriously - unlike some of my stable mates who can talk about nothing but trekking."

"The instructors and I are of one mind - School is very important. I mean, everyone knows that a good education sets you up for life ..."
   Honey Blossom

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