Horses, horse-riding & pony-trekking:- fun on horseback for all levels, whether
you're on holiday or resident on Scotland's beautiful Isle of Skye.

Meet the Team: click to enlarge ... As a highly reputable equestrian establishment, we pride ourselves that our enthusiastic team of instructors hold all of the necessary qualifications and training to ensure that you are in safe and competent hands.

With Trudi (the Boss) and yard manager Tracy, ably assisted by 'the girls' (Jinny, Sara M, Sara N, Gael, Jessica and Francis), we are dedicated to making sure that you have a safe and fun time on four legs. 

But, in our opinion, the most important members of our team are the horses! 

So - we will let some of THEM make their own introductions ... 

Noddy:- "I may be little (that's me on the right over there...) but you should see some of my tricks. Hah, hah, hah, hah - got them again! I've just done one of my favourite jokes ... the ole 'pick up the full water bucket and drench some poor, unsuspecting person'. Boy that is so cooOOool!"

"But I'm careful who I pick on. You see, I look after the little kids real well and never tease them. Noddy Well - us little ones have to stick together ..."

Noddy & Sweety: two of our thoroughbred highland ponies: click to enlarge ...

Jocky - a true star, here with some friends doing 'Riding for the Disabled': click to enlarge ...

Jocky:- "Well, luvvie, in my opinion stardom has not changed me ... ... I've appeared in two episodes of the famous T.V show 'Hamish MacBeth'. "Hamish Macbeth - starring our very own Jocky!

"Mind you - I haven't heard from my agent for a while. Suppose for the time being I will just have to continue helping Claire with her jumping clinics. I am such a wonderful jumper!"

"I do also keep up my acting skills by pretending to the novice riders that I couldn't possibly go any faster than a brisk walk. Hold on ... ... is that Steven Spielberg pulling into the yard?" 

Jocky"Hollywood - here I come!"

Click HERE to meet some more of our horses ...


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